The Beauty Benefits of Cannabidiol

While it is already a well-known fact that CBD hemp oil or Cannabidiol hemp oil has several benefits to offer in terms of fulfilling the body’s nutritional needs. What is not as popularly known is that this product offers a range of beauty benefits as well.The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology published a study showing that the human body actually produces chemical compounds that are referred to as endocannabinoids, which help us maintain skin health and also keep away pathogens. These are very similar to the cannabidiol that is derived from the hemp plant.

A report in Huffington Post also mentions a study carried in the British Journal of Pharmacology mentioning that CBD may also help treat skin diseases. Another study published by the journal shows that CBD and another phytocannabinoid, CBG (cannabigerol) have the ability to manage cell proliferation and also cell differentiation. This has prompted studies on whether these can be effective treatments for skin cancer and researchers are inclined to think that this may be so although concrete conclusions have not yet been arrived at.

The human brain has its own endocannabid system that is supported by CBD products and this system regulates many of the functions including sleep, pain management, temperature etc. This is quite a well- known fact which contributes to the many people knowing that CBD and sleep issues or CBD and pain relief are linked. CBD supplements for these problems exist and they are commonly used too. What is less known is that CBD products for beauty are equally effective. This is why the connection between CBD and beauty products is not always an evident one.

Many world renowned beauty product manufacturers already use Cannabidiol in their cosmetics range because this ingredient has such incredible benefits to offer. What you should also know is that the use of CBD in cosmetic and as a beauty enhancer is not new at all. In the East, it is a traditional treatment that has been well known and in use for centuries. It is just in the western world that the marketplace is somewhat new to the links between CBD and beauty benefits. This despite the fact that leading cosmetic brands already use CBD quite extensively in their product range.

What exactly is cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant, or the hemp, and there are two ingredients in this plant that are really valuable. One is the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and the other is Cannabidiol or CBD.  THC is often associated with the ‘high’ feeling that cannabis is said to give. This has cast a shadow over the use of products from the hemp plant. However, there is no evidence to suggest that CBD or Cannabidiol has any such effect on the human body or psyche.

In fact, health professionals prefer CBD because it has no such side effects. Compare CBD with THC and you can see immediately why the latter is used so freely for treatment purposes. The main thing is that CBD is completely non- psychoactive. It does not act on the same pathways, the CB1 receptors, as THC does. The CB1 receptors are concentrated in our brain and they caused the ‘high’ feeling that is associated with cannabis and marijuana. Among many expert research reports, The Current Drug Safety has also highlighted the fact that CBD can even be used in high dosages without any risk of mind altering effects. They have clearly elucidated that it does not impair psychological or psychomotor functions in any way.

What can CBD based cosmetic products do for you?

CBD has the potential to ward off the ill effects of the pollution that we find in the environment today and also safeguard us against the electromagnetic field overload that takes a toll on us in every way.  Studies carried out at the University of London have shown that CBD has anti- bacterial properties, meaning that it can help significantly with skin eruptions and other skin infection ailments. One of the major benefits that CBD has to offer is that it curbs oxidant and cell degeneration. This is why it is such a great ingredient to use in anti- aging products.

CBD based products are a safe, natural way to enhance your beauty and eliminate skin problems. It is made from organic hemp and hemp seed oil, both plant based products that are 100% natural and completely chemical free. Hemp oil is a staple in many cosmetic products manufactured and used across the world. This is not just for skin care products. Check out the ingredients of many shampoos and conditioners and you will see it included in the list.

CBD beauty products only bring the innate benefits of hemp oil to the consumer in a more potently powerful form with the right combinations with other ingredients adding to their efficacy. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, CBD has what it takes to bring dramatic results for your skin and hair. Most commonly, you will find this ingredient as a major component of moisturizers, exfoliation products, cleansers and eye creams.

The lipid production advantage

Research by experts has shown that CBD promotes lipid production. This makes it a fantastic product for treating conditions of dry, flaky skin. In many cases, acne and other skin problems can be attributed to excessive dryness of the skin and in these situations CBD has excellent benefits to offer. This is because of its anti- bacterial properties that prevents and curbs the infection that results in a bad case of acne. At the same time, it also resolves the problem at root level by hydrating and moisturizing the skin without making it oily.

It also finds place in serums and moisturizers apart from anti- aging products for this reason.  In fact, hemp oil based cannabidiol has the potential to protect skin against the harmful effects of radiation and to restore it to its youthful fresh beauty because of the presence of many other vitamins in the hemp oil from which CBD is derived.

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